Landed in the warm heart of Africa!

Finally arrived in Malawi!

Yesterday, I met Mr. Mamba, LUPPEN’s coordinator and some other members of the network. After a warm welcome, we started to look into the work to do for the Equal Land Rights For All 2013 project report and some ideas about the photographic work came up! A schedule will be set up pretty soon to see in different areas the achievements done thank to the project.

Then this morning, I met Hanna Chimangire – Action Aid Program Coordinator for Malawi – we talked a great deal about the NGO’s implication in the country and especially about women and land-related issues. She also acknowledges the significant importance of the Equal Land Rights For All project and the progress made in that field.

Later in the day, we visited with Nora Lindström – Action Aid’s Urban Governance Advisor – Kauma, a big settlement of Lilongwe, where we have been friendly welcomed by the local chief and members of LUPPEN network. After discussing the issues the area is facing – mainly health care problems – we took a walk around to witness ourselves. I will come back in this area for sure to see the positive points achieved by MUD AFRICA/LUPPEN’s work. Another settlement will be visited as early as tomorrow morning, I will write down news here soon,

Cheers from Lilongwe! / Pierre.


During the walk in Kauma, Lilongwe
During the walk in Kauma, Lilongwe
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