Archive: Voice of a Suffering Community 2017

The project, Voice of a Suffering Community, constituted the very first MUD Africa funded project implemented by the Malawian NGO – Millennium Information Resource Centre. After six months of dialogue between our two organisations, this project was notably also the very first step taken in the collaboration between MUD Africa and MIRECE.

The goal was to provide the executive members and the board of trustees of MIRECE with the necessary knowledge regarding the topic of land rights and human rights. The newly gained knowledge was later used during an advocacy activity, a debate, wherein panellists (composed of stakeholders) were held accountable for the living condition of the homeless ex-tobacco labourers.

The hope that this pilot project was to be successful enough to strengthen the relationship and trust between MIRECE and MUD Africa were yielded. We now have a close, continuous, collaboration and an on-going project.