Archive: Settlement Research 2019

The project, Settlement Research 2019, was a needs assessment project funded by MUD Africa and its members. The aim was to collect baseline data for future donor funded projects. Data was collected by involving rights holders in four selected settlements – Yepa, Mphonde, Chakhutamadzi, and Chigoneka – in Lilongwe.

The project ended in mid-2019 and data from the above mentioned settlements show that the rights holders lack access to basic services (i.e. water, hospitals), suffer from insecure land tenure and rights. The report show that Yepa, Chakhutamadzi and Mphonde face severe environmental problems caused by waste dumping and surrounding factories causing airborn pollution.

The findings will hopefully be used as to plan and implement a project to strengthen the inhabitants of peri-urban Lilongwe in their struggle for safe and secure tenure.