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Why focus on land rights?

We are one of the few organizations working for equal land rights in urban environments. By extension equal land rights leads to equal opportunities for women and men, combating poverty, increase democracy and citizens opportunities to influence their own lives.

Soil is a limited resource. It is a constant competition for land, it creates conflicts and forcing people to leave their homes all over the world. The right to land is a fundamental factor for survival, both rural and for the urban poor. Equal land rights is therefore an urgent issue and we think that it should be seen as fundamental to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

Based on the fact that women often lose land in connection with that she loses the man she lives with conducting MUD Africa in collaboration with a local organization called LUPPEN (Lilongwe Urban Poor People’s Network) courses on equal land rights. By increasing awareness of their rights, among both men and women, while focusing on the practical approach of how to register land and draw up a will, strengthen the conditions for Lilongwe residents to also use their rights.

Our common goal with our partner organization is to increase knowledge for women and men in human rights, with a focus on land rights. The entire residential area is involved in the process, and together we work to achieve our common goals. 

What will MUD Africa do with the funds?

The funds are raised by MUD Africa and its members mainly in Sweden by private person’s donations on monthly basis, specific fundraising activities and sporadic initiatives by MUD Africa members.

The methodology of the project itself is a cost effective model, based on the training of trainers meaning that the official training is held at one point while the knowledge will continue to be spread at several structured meetings in the semi urban areas.

Thus, the higher cost is at the actual training of trainers, and contains costs for transport and lunch both for LUPPEN members at the occasion of the training and for LUPPEN executive members before, during and after the training to enable them to prepare the training properly and to follow up the activity as well as to support their members in their future work in the semi urban areas. Part of the funds are used to cover cost for the lecture hall and the facilitators involved in the training.

All of the board members of MUD Africa, as well as our members working together with us in our project groups, work on voluntary basis!

All expenses are listed in the budget section of the project plan.

Read the latest project plan.

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