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MUD Africa
Mobilizing and Uniting Development Africa

MUD Africa started in the fall of 2011 to strengthen the rights of poor households. To focus on equal land rights was something that was worked out together with the partner organization LUPPEN. Since spring 2012, we are continuously working on location in Lilongwe.

Local anchoring is a prerequisite for all our work. Everything we do, we focus on the residents of Lilongwe residential areas and their priorities and solutions they come up with. This is how we manage to grow and work long-term.

Since spring 2014, MUD Africa has been reviewed and approved by Forum Syd, which is the organization that has the mission to distribute tax revenues as aid money for civil society. It means that SIDA will multiply our fundraising with nine.

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We are

An advocate for land rights and women’s rights. We are a nonprofit, apolitical organization that has been active since 2011 with headquarters in Gothenburg, currently acting in Lilongwe and Mchinji, Malawi.

We want to

Continue to improve the living conditions of poor households by promoting equal land rights.

We will

Reach out to more people, continue to educate women and men and get more people to register their land, so we can increase the possibility of gender equality and livelihood.

We have

With small resources educated women and men in Lilongwe about their right to own land, which led to more registered land owners and the creation of a more secure future for their families.

Meet Our Team

The individuals below are the one’s that works with MUD Africa. There is no full-time staff at MUD Africa, so everything is done and organized as a result of commitment to international development and a passion for human empowerment. These folks are the core.

Markus Adolfsson

Currently enrolled as a student being part of the Master’s Programme in Political Science at Gothenburg University, with a planned graduation date in June 2019.

Markus graduated with a B.Sc in Political Science in 2017 from Gothenburg University.

He have spent two semesters abroad studying international relations and diplomacy during his years as a university student. At both Bucharest University in Romania and at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Before enrolling as a student he travelled extensively throughout the world.

Markus has been the chairperson of MUD Africa since early 2017. He is interested in global questions at large, with a focus on sustainable development, human empowerment and land rights.

Johanna Silebäck

Founder and Board Member
Founder and Board Member
Johanna graduated with a BA Public Administration degree in 2009 and a MSc in Public Administration – Public Analysis in 2011, both from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

She works as a negotiator at the Swedish Union of Tenants.

She has travelled extensively and lived periods in east and south east Africa. She undertook an internship at UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya, and did research on the Kenyan National Land Reform. She has a passion for land rights and local influence in policies.

Johanna is one of the founders of MUD Africa. She is the treasurer and works intensely in MUD Africa’s projects in Malawi.

Liza Hermansson

Board Member
Board Member

Liza is a social scientist graduated from Linnaeus University in 2012 with a BA in International Social Science. The major of her studies was Peace and Development and she developed a great interest in sustainable development and land issues. This particular interest took her to Madagascar for the research of her thesis.

Liza also has a background of studies in French, English and Communication and she has spent many years traveling and living abroad. Between the years 2004-2008 she lived mainly in France.

Liza works as a project coordinator for Västfastigheter in the public sector, and does language consulting as a side business.

Since early 2015 Liza has been engaged in MUD Africa as a project group member and since 2018 she is also a member of the board.

Sara Eliasson

Board Member
Board Member

Sara has a background of studies within human ecology and gender studies. She completed her Master at Aalborg University in the field of Global Gender Studies in 2018 exploring how international norms are contextualizied.

She has travled extensively and worked in vastly different geographical locations such as the US, Vietnam and India.

With a passion for social justice her work has focused on understanding and addressing inequality in a variety of forms. Her work has explored theories around intersectionality and thus how social markers such gender, ethnicity and class relate to the urban and rural environment. Additionally, she has worked cross-culturally addressing ways in which gender issues could be recognised, implemented and become significant parts of project design.

During spring 2018 she was elected as Board member for MUD Africa.

Karolina Arvidson

Board Member
Board Member

Karolina is a Project leader with a degree in financial trading, project leading and organization. She graduated in 2008 from the University of Skövde and in 2011 from Gothenburg KY-academy. She works at the sales department at Loipart AB in Alingsås.

Karolina is a board member of MUD Africa and responsible for the coordination of local fundraising activities in Gothenburg, where her main project has been to coordinate and plan the yearly event, Run4rights. She has been a member of the board since 2015.

Anders Sjöstrand

Board Member
Board Member

Hi! My name is Anders, and I served as MUD Africa’s intern during the spring of 2017, working with LUPPEN to continue the Equal Land Rights for All project in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Last summer, I received an MSc in geography, having completed the program ‘Globalization, Environment, and Social Change’ at Stockholm University. My thesis focused on resource conflicts and access rights in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park in the Georgian Caucasus. Other interests of mine include people-centered conservation, social justice in development, and power struggles in land use, among others.

I look forward to stepping away from academics and working with these questions in a direct manner with MUD Africa and LUPPEN. I strongly believe that inclusive, grassroots development projects such as this provide the most effective mechanism for real change, and can’t wait to both contribute to the effort and also learn from the experience.

John Chome

Senior Adviser
Senior Adviser

John holds a Master of Science degree in Urban Planning and Land Administration from the ITC (Netherlands) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Town and Country Planning from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (England).

He has worked in the County Planning De-partment of Hampshire County Council in England, and for seven years he was the Director of urban planning and housing for Malawi’s largest city of Blantyre. He now works for UN-HABITAT in Malawi as its Programme Manager responsible for a programme portfolio that includes housing, water and sanitation and disaster risk management.

John has acted as senior advisor for MUD Africa’s activities in Malawi since 2011.


Är du vår nästa praktikant?
Internship 2019

Praktik HT 2019 – Kommunikation

Brinner du för kommunikation och mänskliga rättigheter är en praktikplats hos MUD Africa kanske precis vad du letar efter?

Mobilizing and Uniting Development in Africa (MUD Africa) är en ickestatlig, partipolitisk- och religiöst obunden ideell förening, som arbetar med att förbättra levnadsförhållandena för den marginaliserade befolkningen i Malawi. I vårt arbete stödjer vi lokala partners i deras arbete med projekt kring utbildning och påtryckningsarbete genom att förespråka och informera om jämställda markrättigheter med målet att uppnå säkra och jämställda levnadsförhållanden.

Som praktikant blir du under höstterminen 2019 MUD Africas kommunikationsansvarig; det exakta innehållet och praktikens utformning kommer att skapas utifrån praktikantens erfarenheter, utbildningsnivå och möjligheter. Du arbetar till största del på egen hand, under handledning av en av MUD Africas styrelsemedlemmar. Då föreningen bedrivs ideellt saknar vi ett fast kontor och du kommer därmed att arbeta hemifrån, eller en på plats där du trivs. Du kommer att delta på föreningens styrelsemöten och vara delaktig i pågående diskussioner kring våra projekt. Vi ser att du driver vårt kommunikationsarbete framåt och för styrelsen presenterar dina förslag och idéer om hur vi som organisation ska förstärka och förbättra vår kommunikativa förmåga utåt.

Vi erbjuder dig som praktikant god insyn i och kunskap om MUD Africas arbete, samt hur en ideell organisation kan fungera. Därtill erbjuds du möjlighet att få insyn i vad det innebär att vara del av en större paraplyorganisation, då vi är medlemmar i Forum Syd. Detta betyder även att vi kan erbjuda dig tillgång till Forum Syds utbildningar och workshops under terminen om så önskas.


  • Ansvara för kampanj om MUD Africas verksamheter
  • Ansvara för uppdatering och utvecklandet av föreningens kommunikationskanaler
  • Skapa en kommunikationsplan, samt kommunikationsmaterial

Vi ser gärna att du:

  • Har god kunskap i bildhantering- och presentationsprogram, du är van vid att administrera hemsidor och att arbeta i Officepaketet.
  • Genomför en utbildning inom kommunikation, eller en utbildning inom globala studier, statsvetenskap eller liknande med inriktning på media och kommunikation. Vi ser det som meriterande om du även har ett intresse för frågor kring mänskliga rättigheter, fattigdomsreducering och relaterade frågor.
  • Har god kommunikativ förmåga, samt talar och skriver obehindrat på både engelska och svenska.
  • Är självständig, initiativrik, utåtriktad och flexibel.


Skicka din ansökan med personligt brev och CV senast den 30 april 2019, till info@mudafrica.org

Obs: Skriv “Praktikant – Kommunikation 2019” i ämnesraden i mailet.

Kontaktperson: Johanna Silebäck, johanna@mudafrica.org – 0704 74 20 30

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