Some news from Göteborg!

The MoU is finally drafted so there are some words about me! As a French political student, I focused my studies in Umeå and Lyon on the vulnerability and risks on Austral Africa. This region has always sparked my interest and when it came to find an internship, I logically targeted it to pull off my project. The often-forgotten yet genuinely interesting Malawi first grabbed my attention and turned out to be a perfect study field. I heard about MUD Africa through word of mouth between friends from Göteborg and Umeå Johanna and I have in common!

I finally met her on last wednesday and we drew up the details of my field mission in Lilongwe throughout next August. I will thus undertake a follow-up and financial/activity report of the Equal Land Rights for All 2013 project carried out with LUPPEN and meet MUD Africa’s partners while achieving a photographic work about field actions.

This is quite exciting actually and all the more interesting as I did want to work with a Swedish organization! I expect and will for sure go through a rewarding human and first African hands-on experience in international development.

Jag mycket fram emot att resa till Malawi. Hjärtligt tack och på återseende!

/ Pierre


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