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When donating to MUD Africa, you are also contributing to the well-being of the marginalized individuals that our partner organizations in Malawi work with. You can donate towards the procurement of mosquito nets, purchase of building materials to waterproof houses and donate towards the goal of providing first-aid material and training so that we can provide some relief to the rural families. This will help our partner organisations to achieve their goal of attaining secure tenure and a way out of poverty – Improve their living standards in a sustainable way!

When donating to MUD Africa, you will be provided with a gift certificate as an expression of gratitude. This is also a perfect Christmas gift! The certificate will be customized to the actual choice of donating you have made, and information about the choice. There will also be a field for you to personalize it to the person in mind.

The gift certificate can be designed in Swedish and in English. And as of now, we will provide the certificate through email. As soon as the donation has been processed! 

In order to receive the gift certificate in time for Christmas, we encourage you to donate before the 21st December.

We make sure your donation reaches its right destination

The money collected through this Christmas donation effort will be used explicitly for what it aimed for – providing relief for the marginalized individuals working for secure tenure and equality. Nothing will be used for administration. Everyone working for MUD Africa do so voluntarily and will see to it that everything will be used as intended. It will be documented and presented on this homepage during next year.

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Below alternatives for donations are suggestions, and mentioned by our project organisation, of  commodities and supplies that are considered to help the individuals and families in there day-to-day life and strengthen them in their struggle for land rights and equality. Make your donation and receive a gift certificate to give away as your Christmas gift.

Mosquito nets
$36 av $5,000 uppnått
$ 6.00
Personlig Information


Donationstotal: $6.00

Malaria is an endemic disease in Malawi, a disease which annually affects 6 million inhabitants. Most people living in rural areas and in the peri-urban areas of Malawi lack access to protection. 

The malaria mosquitos are most active during the evening and night, the most effective protection is to sleep under a net and for 6USD/50 SEK, a household of six people can sleep under the protection of a mosquito net.

Building materials
$0 av $3,000 uppnått
$ 30.00
Personlig Information


Donationstotal: $30.00

The ex-tobacco farmer community who live in the Malawian countryside, under extremely primitive conditions, lack waterproof roofs. This causes problems during rainy periods. For 30USD/280SEK, a whole family will be provided with materials to build a durable roof that can protect the family from rain and reduce the risk of diseases caused by rain and wet conditions.

First-aid kit
$0 av $250 uppnått
$ 50.00
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Donationstotal: $50.00

The rural population in Malawi lack access to emergency care and have to transport their sick and injured up to 1-2 days in order to get in contact with medical care. First aid medical materials, as well as medical education, can offer residents in the rural settlements relief and provide them with the ability to treat burns, problems with skin diseases and make the journey to a hospital less hard.

Any questions? Email us at or call us at +46707 79 69 51 / +46704 74 20 30

Thank You!

Your support makes it all worthwhile. Now it’s in our hands.

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